Applikasjonsinnovasjon og kunstig intelligens

Microsoft Data Amp

Få med deg det siste på innovasjon innen Big Data, Machine Learning og AI. Her finner du en mengde foredrag fra Microsoft Data Amp-arrangementet som går i dybden på det meste Microsoft som driver med for tiden på dette feltet.

Data is your most strategic asset

Maximize the value you can drive from your data and build the next generation of intelligent applications. Get started today with Microsoft’s trusted, intelligent and flexible platform.

Build globally-scaled mobile apps in minutes

Hyper scale Azure simplifies building globally distributed, limitless scale mobile applications, with DocumentDB and MongoDB API. With built in geo-replication, guaranteed low latency, enterprise grade SLA and mobile application development with Xamarin and .Net core, developers can build applications in minutes and leave all the heavy lifting of scale and management to Azure DocumentDB.

Building an intelligent Bot

Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Bot Services represent Microsoft’s “conversations” platform. In this session, learn how to create a new way to interact with your users and to transform your business, by adding this new interaction layer, with these developer tools to help you creating intelligent agents. Go build your own Bot!

Adding intelligence to your applications using big data at scale

Azure Data Lake Analytics makes it easy to give your big data processing more intelligence by taking advantage of the integrated, cognitive capabilities of U-SQL.

Developing Xamarin based data-driven intelligent applications using Azure Data Services (ADS)

Requirements of modern apps have driven the industry to use a broad range of technologies for storing data within an app. Azure provides storage technologies that support these architectures. This session demonstrates how to use these in the SaaS application scenario. With Azure Database Services, you can quickly design, deploy, and manage apps that are highly available, secure, and scalable. You will learn how to develop a persistent data pattern common to modern cloud-hosted apps using Xamarin.

Enterprise-ready Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Sign up now for an extended free trial and get started with SQL Data Warehouse on Azure.

Python based machine learning in SQL Server

In this session you will learn how SQL Server 2017 takes in-database analytics to the next level with support for both Python and R; delivering unparalleled scalability and speed with new deep learning algorithms built in.

Get started with Azure Analysis Services

The video will showcase how you can get started with Azure Analysis Service to model, analyze, and deliver business insights to business users on mobile devices, on the web or embedded in apps.

Big data that is easy and productive with Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake removes the frustration and confusion in getting started with big data. You can be productive with big data in just a few minutes.

Transform manufacturing with Advanced Analytics solutions

In this session, learn how you can transform key manufacturing scenarios such as Quality Assurance and Inventory Optimization with intelligent solutions from Microsoft and our partners.

SQL Server 2017: BI enhancements

In this video, we discuss the new Analysis Services features in SQL Server 2017. We will cover Power Query connectivity, modeling enhancements such as Detail Rows allowing users to easily see transactional records, and improved support for ragged hierarchies.

Enable applications to beat the speed of light with planet-scale DocumentDB

Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed, planet-scale NoSQL database service built for fast and predictable performance, high availability, elastic scaling, global distribution, and ease of development. With 4 9’s of SLA for availability, latency, performance and consistency, DocumentDB is well suited for large scale tier1 applications and enterprise solutions. In this session, we will cover how DocumentDB enables applications to achieve limitless scale and reach and how these unique benefits make DocumentDB a great fit for web, mobile, gaming, and IoT, and many other applications that need seamless scale and global replication.

Deploy an intelligent solution with solution templates

In this session, we provide an overview of how you can get started with the new Microsoft advanced analytics solution templates, add your own data sets and deploy a fully functional architecture within your Azure account.

What’s new with Microsoft Cognitive Services

In this session, learn how Microsoft Cognitive Services can accelerate your digital transformation with AI enabled scenarios. You’ll learn how to get started by easily leveraging Rest APIs to make your apps smarter.

Resten av foredragene finner du her.